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  • How can I get involved in motorsport?
    The best way to get involved in motorsport is always to volunteer! There are sports car or motorsport clubs in most cities running exciting events where you can get to know your local motorsport community and participate in a number of ways. Whether you start in karting, autocross or sim racing, there's opportunity for everyone to get behind the wheel. Here is a brief list of clubs to help you get started in your search: Confederation of Car Clubs | Rally Pacific Motorsport | WCMA | RallyWest | Canadian Automobile Sport Club ON | AutoSport Quebec | RallyeSport Quebec | Atlantic Region Motor Sports Inc | There also may be regional representatives supporting female participation in motorsport - depending on your location we may be able to connect you!
  • Can I volunteer or work with WIMCanada?
    We appreciate your interest in joining WIMCanada! We are a volunteer-run organization from top to bottom and as such we are always looking for support. Please contact us and let us know some more about yourself! How did you first get interested in motorsport? Do you have any favorite race disciplines, series, or drivers? Do you see a career in motorsport as your future? Professionally, what is your background? What skills would you want to apply in volunteering? We will use this information to see if we have a good spot for you at WIMCanada where we can properly apply your skills. If we feel you are a good fit, we will get back to you for a meeting to discuss more details! In the event that we currently don't have capacity to for you to join the team, we will keep you in mind and stay in touch.
  • I'd like to sponsor or partner with WIMCanada.
    Thank you for your interest in supporting WIMCanada! As a volunteer-run non profit organization, we rely heavily on partnerships and donor support to fund our activities. We encourage you to reach out via our contact form or email us at
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