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Meet the driver with WIMCanada: Erika Hoffmann

If you've been following us on social media, you know that recently we've had the privilege to interview a standout woman making waves in the motorsport world - Erika Hoffmann! Erika is a stellar Canadian driver representing female participation in some of the highest levels of motorsport, and recently she's stepped into the spotlight for some great news: she has been selected by WIMCanada and the FIA as a Canadian representative competing at the 2023 FIA international RallyStar competition! Earlier this week Erika answered some questions via Instagram reels in a collection of WIMCanada exclusive insider interview clips, keep reading to learn more and join Erika for some stellar insight into the world of motorsport.

Erika's Background | Formula Woman and GT Cup

Erika Hoffmann is a Canadian race car driver and the only North American to win the 2022 Formula Woman Competition. In 2021, she participated in the Formula Woman Competition, a worldwide event that aims to discover and develop raw talent among nonprofessional female drivers. The competition showcasing standout women in motorsport involved rigorous assessments such as fitness tests, driving skills evaluations, technical knowledge, and media skills assessments, among others. Erika underwent tests on cognitive and mental performance, reaction time, and go-karting and simulator testing, among other things. Competing against a pool of a thousand female motorsport drivers, Erika placed in the top 75.

Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, Erika was a multi-sport athlete with a love for motorsports. In 2019, she began driving at Calabogie Motorsports Park and was the runner-up in their GT Challenge Championship, earning her the "Rookie of the Year" award from the Ottawa Sports Car Club. After that, Erika worked as a high-performance driving coach and race official and hosted and represented various special events, including the Ottawa International Auto Show.

Following her win in the Formula Woman Competition, Erika participated in the 2022 GT Cup Championship in the UK, driving a McLaren 570s GT4 car backed by the Formula Woman Team. Now in 2023, Erika looks forward to a change in venue; from GT4 to rally car in the FIA International RallyStar competition. Follow this link to listen to our exclusive interview clip as Erika details her journey through motorsport and more about the shift from GT cup to rally racing!

Erika's Next Motorsport Challenge: FIA RallyStar

Adding to her prestigious resume of motorsport prowess, Erika is gunning for a great result at a new venture for her, in the form of rally driving at the 2023 FIA RallyStar International Competition! On the cusp of such an event, we asked Erika how she copes with the stresses of competing in motorsport, and what helps to keep her grounded on and off the track. Listen to her response here!

Following postponement due to political unrest in Peru, the competition has found a new home: Polideportivo Motor Maldonado in Uruguay - featuring a host of great drivers, including many skilled women in motorsport all competing for a place in the inaugural FIA Rally Star Training Season. This initiative is the key to a Junior WRC Championship campaign in 2024 - moving drivers up the ladder towards the top-level hybrid based Rally1 category.

Erika Hoffmann has been selected by WIMCanada and the FIA as the Canadian representative to this event, with the event commencing in late April 2023! All of us at WIMCanada will be cheering Erika on, and we are extremely excited to see the results of such a formative milestone in a potential rally career for Erika. At WIMCanada, one of the most important topics we focus on is how to involve more women in motorsport, at all levels and all ages. Everyone has a unique journey - and so we wanted to get Erika's viewpoint on some of the best ways to get involved, for women interested in starting a career in motorsport. Click this link to find out what she had to say!

WIMCanada would like to thank Erika Hoffmann for her insight and dedication to motorsport. We wish her all the best at FIA RallyStar and any other races this year! Make sure to check out Erika's website and social media pages - and of course, sign up for WIMCanada's newsletter so you'll be the first to hear about more exclusive content like this!

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