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Did You Know Motorsport is a Team Sport?

Racers definitely stand out on the track with their bright uniforms and crazy fast moves, but did you know that they cannot be successful without the other members of a well-oiled team?

Behind each racer are a team of technicians, engineers, managers, on and off track trainers, and commercial professionals who work together for a common goal. Without any of these team members, a racer couldn't compete successfully.

We at Women In Motorsports Canada (WIM Canada) recognize the equal importance of all roles in motorsport and encourage young women interested in STEM subjects to get involved. There is pride in watching your hard work produce success. Although competitors tend to get more of the glory, there is ample opportunity for all team members to shine as many members of international racing organizations are famous for their precision and expertise. If you're interested in motorsport, know that there are many ways for you to practice and implement your skills.

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