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Main Components:


  • Advanced SimRacing ASR 3


  • Advanced Bucket Seat (Large) with WIM Canada Livery


  • MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheelbase with GS GT Steering Wheel


  • MOZA CRP Pedals


  • Gaming Zone Level 1: (Intel 13th Gen. i5-13400, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti)


  • Samsung Tizen HDR DEL UHD 4K de 50" TV

What is WIMSim?

A WIMCanada initiative - designed to reduce cost barriers and encourage more females to participate in simulator training & racing, WIMSim offers multiple levels of upgradable simulators with components selected to deliver valuable training experiences. 


Sim racing is inclusive, WIMSim has partnered with Advance SimRacing to explore, design and build simulators which address female driver specific needs. 


With like-minded mandates of the FIA, goals include growing the number of female motorsport competitors in both E-sports and IRL racing competitions and contributing to the creation of new motorsport career paths. 


***NOTE: Photos may not be representative of final product. Please contact us for any questions or further info***

WIMSim Tier 2: Driver's Package

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    *Please contact us for US orders*