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The Race for Equality. Starts. Here.

At Women In Motorsports Canada (WIMCanada), we see all that girls have to offer on and off the track. That's why we support initiatives like Girls On Track (GOT) where young women are able to learn the sport and train their skills at a competitive level. This model, developed by The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), encourages learning motorsport skills at grassroots level. In partnership with The FIA, WIM Canada will continue to grow our community through education on motorsport and all of its many opportunities for success, while raising awareness for the social barriers that keep women and girls from fully accessing all that motorsport has to offer.

We at WIMCanada understand that some girls have more obstacles than others, which is why we approach our initiatives through an intersectional lens. Programs such as Girls On Track aim to make motorsport an option for all girls who wish to participate, and thereby create a social impact in local communities. Let's empower young women to be confident in their skills, and raise the next generation of motorsport athletes!

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