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Women in Motorsports Canada Gathers Pace

Things are heating up at Women In Motorsport Canada (WIMCanada)! There are a number of exciting opportunities for young women to get involved with motorsport at all levels. Interested in looking under the hood? We've partnered with Lego Canada and Mercedes to show that creativity has no gender. Find one of our Lego kits at a future event and build your very own model car!

If speed is what you're looking for, get involved with Girls On Track (GOT). This program aims to educate young women on motorsport, open up the possibility for a future career path, empower girls to take their first step on track, and inspire the up-and-comers of our time! Hone your skills with activities like kart slalom and digital race, and keep up-to-date on regulations in road-safety. You can even test your reaction time through our BATAK walls, and train with leaders in motorsport. Don't get left in the dust, join the race!

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